SCILOGEX SCI100-Pro Rotary Evaporator

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Category Rotary Evaporator
Manufacturer Scilogex
Country of manufacture China
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The Scilogex SCI100-Pro Rotary Evaporator features a large easy to read large digital LCD screen display which shows the temperature, rotation speed and timer. The display can be removed for remote control purposes. This system holds a number of patents including a unique condenser with a cooling surface of 1,500 cm² providing excellent cooling. Our systems feature a large 5L water/oil heating bath, vertical coil condenser or vertical dry-ice condenser and have a temperature range from ambient to 180˚C.

Glassware sets include a 1 liter evaporating flask, 1 liter receiving flask, and either a vertical coiled condenser or vertical dry ice condenser.

RE100-Pro Rotary Evaporator Features: 

  • Easy to read large digital LCD display shows temperature, rotation speed and timer
  • Large 5L heating bath with a temperature range of ambient to 180°C
  • Patented condenser (cooling surface 1,500 cm²) provides excellent cooling
  • Motorized lift with safety automatic release of the evaporating flask to the top position in case of power failure
  • Temperature range from ambient to 180˚C
  • Speed range from 20 to 280 rpm
  • Timer function for precise control processing
  • Chemical-resistant PTFE seals and patented pressure springs provide excellent sealing
  • PC control and documentation of all parameters via USB (using third-party software)
  • Precise temperature control and adjustable safety circuit
  • Quick release connectors for easy flask removal

*The SCI100-Pro was formerly known as the RE100-Pro

Key Attributes
Condenser type None or Vertical or Dry Ice
Arm lifting Motor
Temp Range (°C) Ambient to 180
Max. Flask Size 2000 mL
Brand Scilogex
Rotation speed 20 - 280rpm
Stroke: 150mm
Temp Accuracy (°C) ±1
Vacuum controller included No
Programmable No
Warranty (years) 2
Weight (lb) 33
Width (in) 18.3
Depth (in) 18
Height (in) 23


Manufacturer Specifications
Speed range: 20 - 280rpm
Temperature range: Ambient - 180˚C
Heat control accuracy: ± 1˚C
Heat output: 1300W
Lift stroke: 150mm
Timer range: 1 - 99 mins
Reversable motor: Yes
Power: 1400W
Motor type: DC brushless
Dimensions: 18.3L x 18W x 23H inches
Weight: 33lbs
Voltage, Hz: 110V, 60Hz
Warranty: 2 years

Is the Scilogex SCI100-Pro UL or CSA certified?

The SCI100-Pro has cTUVus certification which combines all requirements for both UL and CSA.


What are the glass joint sizes for the evaporating flask and receiving flask?

The evaporating flask joint is NS 24/40 and the receiving flask joint is KS 35/20.


What size are the fittings (vacuum & coolant fittings) that come off the condenser?

The vacuum and coolant connections on the condenser are 13 mm OD. Barbed connectors are supplied which fit over the glass threads, but tubing is not included. Tubing of 1/4" ID would be compatible.


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