End of Year Sale on LabTech Rotovaps!

By Carlton Hoyt, 02 December 2016

LabTech has informed us they have excess inventory of the fully digital and programmable EV311Advanced and EV311VAC rotary evaporators, and they're offering some great year-end deals to help clear the shelves! Through the end of the year, get a $150 rebate with the purchase of an EV311Advanced or a $200 rebate with the purchase of an EV311VAC, which includes an integrated vacuum controller.

The LabTech EV311VAC Rotary Evaporator

To claim these rebates, respond to your order confirmation email with the promo code "LT-EOY16". Rebates can also be pre-factored into quotes for purchasing departments. All qualifying orders must be received by 5pm eastern time on Friday, December 30th, 2016.

Great Deal on the Scilogex RE100-Pro!

By Carlton Hoyt, 25 November 2015

Until further notice, the Scilogex RE100-Pro rotary evaporator is now 20% off! This discount is inclusive of any condenser option ordered with the instrument.

The RE-100 PRO is a fully featured Rotovap at a bargain price, with digital controls and a large LCD display, a motorized lift, a 5 liter heating bath, and a rotation speed of up to 280 rpm.

Options and sale prices are:

  • RE-100 PRO without glassware: $2,656 USD $2,125 USD!
  • RE-100 PRO with vertical coiled condenser and 1 L evaporating and receiving flasks: $3,281 USD $2,625 USD!
  • RE-100 PRO with vertical dry ice condenser and 1 L evaporating and receiving flasks: $4,500 USD $3,600 USD!