Hermatic Cooling Circulators CC30

Category Calpha Rotary Evaporator Accessories
Manufacturer Calpha
Country of manufacture China

Hermatic Cooling Circulators available with a 50L Reservoir 5 horse power for 50L rotovaps, or a 30L Reservoir 3 horse power for 20L rotovaps

Model CC30-3P CC30-5P
Tank Volume (L) 30 L 50 L
Coolant Temp. (°C) -30
Temp. Precision (°C) ±2
Compressor Power 3HP 5HP
Power Supply (V/Hz) 220 / 60 220 / 60
Current (A)* 15 A* 25 A*
Rated Power (W) @ -20°C 2200 W 4200 W
Max Flow Rate (L / min) 20 L / min 30 L / min
Lift (m) 6-8
Weight (kg) 120 160
Dimension 635 x 575 x 985 740 x 640 x 1190
Circulation Mode Closed Cycle System

*It is recommended that the amperage of the circuit be at least 20% higher than the amperage of the chiller.


Do you know the cooling power of the CC30-5P chiller at different temperatures?

Yes. The cooling power of the CC30-5P is:

  • 11250 W @ 20°C
  • 10350 W @ 0°C
  • 8550 W @ -10°C
  • 4200 W @ -20°C
  • 1600 W @ -30°C

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