Hei-VAP Precision

Category Rotary Evaporator
Manufacturer Heidolph
Country of manufacture Germany
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The Hei-VAP Precision is a fully featured rotary evaporator for the most demanding applications. Combined with the Heidolph Vacuum Valve, it provides the finest integrated vacuum control capabilities

Includes leading safety standards and features for superior ease of use and reduced cost of ownership, plus:

  • Available in hand lift or motor lift configurations
  • Experience the advantages of our large 4.3'' color graphic display which features all parameters, integrated vacuum controller and includes programs for automated distillation
  • Make your life easier by utilizing the integrated software support which leads you through the capabilities of the evaporator
  • For data management Hei-VAP Precision models features USB interface
  • Save time by configuring the unit - all connected devices will be recognized by the evaporator, which eliminates the need to configure the unit manually
  • Now you can manage even the most demanding applications easily and prevent foaming, excessive bubbling or bumping
  • Save time with your individualized pre-programmed parameter settings for your 30 most common applications on a daily basis by saving them in a "Favorites" section.
  • Each ramp offers 20 separate steps for demanding applications
  • Apply an individual name to those ramps to avoid a mix-up
  • Experience the advantages of the automatic process timer which turns off your evaporator at a pre-programmed time by raising flask on motor lift models and releasing vacuum
  • Control your process individually by pre-programming vacuum gradients
  • Hei-VAP Precision models feature a built-in vacuum controller as a standard

The advanced vacuum box with external vacuum sensor enables to reach the highest level of accuracy:

  • Increased evaporation rates with low leakage rate of 1,3 mbar/30 sec
  • Optimized evaporation with a vacuum hysteresis of ±2 mbar, even with 
  • valve-regulated vacuum pump

    Glassware Sets: available standard or with transparent plastic coating (B) for added safety

    • Glassware G1Diagonal condenser for all standard distillations; the option with the most affordable price.
    • Glassware G3Vertical condenser for all standard distillations; the option with the smallest space requirement.
    • Glassware G5 - Dry Ice condenser for low-boiling solvents
    • Glassware G3 XL - Vertical condenser for all distillations; condensing surface of 2200 cm² for maximum evaporation rates

    All glassware sets also include a 1 liter evaporating flask and 1 liter condensing flask.

    Programs for your process control:

    • SETpressure - Program for solvent separations. This program holds a pre-set vacuum constant. During the evaporation you have the full flexibility to choose another level of vacuum by the press of a button.
    • AUTOeasy - Supports the automatic pressure control for solvent separations. The pressure level for the first boiling point is found automatically. This program can be used with all Heidolph glassware assemblies and does not require any accessories.
    • AUTOaccurate - Supports very precise automatic pressure control for solvent separations. This program works similar to AUTOeasy but in addition is able to identify multiple boiling points automatically by reducing vacuum accordingly. Also the AUTOaccurate program delivers the finest and most precise vacuum control. To take advantage of this program, the optional AUTOaccurate-sensor is required. This program cannot be used on Heidolph G1 and G5 glassware assemblies. Leading parameter of this program is the vapor temperature
    Key Attributes   
    Condenser type Vertical, Diagonal, or Dry Ice
    Arm lifting Manual and motor
    Temp Range (°C) 20-210
    Max. Flask Size 5L
    Brand Heidolph
    Rotation speed 10-280 rpm
    Stroke: 155 mm
    Temp Accuracy (°C) ±1
    Vacuum controller included Yes
    Programmable Yes
    Warranty (years) 3
    Weight (lb) 17
    Width (in) 29.1
    Depth (in) 19.3
    Height (in) 34.9
    Manufacturer Specifications 
    Model Hei-VAP Precision (HL) Hei-VAP Precision (ML)
    Hand / Motor lift hand lift motor lift
    Height adjustment speed manual 30 mm/s
    Height adjustment (mm) 155 155
    Rotation speed (rpm) 10 – 280 10 – 280
    Rotation speed setting 4.3" LCD color graphic display 4.3" LCD color graphic display
    Drive brushless DC motor with electronic speed control
    Heating capacity (W) 1,300 1,300
    Temp. range heating bath (°C) 20 – 210 20 – 210
    Temperature accuracy bath (°C) ±1 ±1
    Overheat protection bath (°C) cut-off at 5 °C over set temperature via separate Pt 1000
    Bath temperature setting**** 4.3" LCD color graphic display 4.3" LCD color graphic display
    Heating bath temperature control electronic / digital electronic / digital
    Secondary overtemp. cut-off (°C) 250 250
    Material heating bath stainless steel AISI 316L stainless steel AISI 316L
    Diameter heating bath (mm) 255 255
    Volume heating bath (L) 4.5 4.5
    Display vapor temperature
     (required accessories)
    (vapor temperature sensor)
    (vapor temperature sensor)
    Integrated vacuum controller yes yes
    Timer yes yes
    Vacuum program SETpressure** yes yes
    Vacuum program AUTOeasy** yes yes
    Vacuum program AUTOaccurate** requires AUTOaccurate-sensor yes yes
    Remote control function  
    - Lift no yes
    - Start rotation yes yes
    - Start vacuum yes yes
    - Start heating bath yes yes
    Programmable ramps yes yes
    Supply power (W) 1,400 1,400
    Weight (w/o glassware assembly) (kg) 17 17
    Dimensions with glassware set G3 (l x w x h) (mm) 739 x 490 x 887 739 x 420 x 887
    Protection class*** (DIN EN 60529) IP 20 IP 20
    Operating conditions (°C) 0 - 40 at 80 % rel. humidity 0 - 40 at 80 % rel. humidity
    Rate of evaporation* (L/h)  
    - Toluene 8.5 8.5
    - Acetone 5.8 5.8
    - Ethanol 3.5 3.5
    - Water 1.2 1.2
    Condensing surface (cm2) 1,200 1,200

    Does the Hei-VAP Precision have UL or CSA certification?

    Yes, all Heidolph rotary evaporators are both UL listed and CSA approved.


    If I order a coated glassware set, what components come coated and what is the nature of the coating?

    The coating is a thin, transparent, plastic coating which helps make the glassware resistant to cracks and damage. Coated glassware sets include this coating on the condenser and the collection flask. Evaporation flasks are never coated due to the high bath temperatures they must withstand.


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