Hei-VAP Industrial LR20 Distimatic Automatic Module

Category Heidolph Rotary Evaporator Accessories
Manufacturer Heidolph

The automatic module Hei-VAP Distimatic is compatible with all bench-top and large-scale evaporators from Heidolph

Distimatic Industrial including automatic drainage of residue and adaptor piece for glassware:

  • with Glassware set A / A2
  • with Glassware set R

Functional principle– For unattended and continuous use - including automatic drainage of residue
Save time by distilling large volumes in a continuous and unattended manner overnight and during the weekend

Automatic solvent supply of the evaporating flask

  • Refilling with the Sensor-Mode runs automatically and is based on the desired level in the evaporation flask
  • Refilling with the Time-Mode is done according to individual time parameters

Automatic discharge of condensate

  • A valve matrix controls the continuous discharge of the condensate from the system into a temporary storage flask. Afterwards the collected condensate will be discharged into the collecting tank by a diaphragm pump

Automatic drainage of residue

  • The residue in the evaporating flask will be drained into a collecting tank. Afterwards the process starts again automatically by refilling the evaporating flask

End of distillation process

  • The process can be terminated automatically after evaporation is completed or manually at any time by the operator

Programs for Process Control - For distillation select between these two modes:

  • Sensor-Mode: Refill and drainage are automatically sensor-controlled
    • A sensor detects the fill-level inside the evaporation flask
    • The desired/requested fill-level can be set individually
    • Flask refill is achieved via valve control and under system pressure
    • A sensor monitors the quantity of the solvent mixture and powers off the unit once it is completely processed
  • Time-Mode:  All parameters controlled by individually pre-programmedautomatic time intervals
    • The desired/requested fill-level can be set individually
    • Flask refill is achieved via valve control and under system pressure according to pre-programmed cycles
    • The process is powered off once the pre-programmed number of cycles have expired

What is the maximum viscosity of liquid the Distimatic system can pump?

There isn't a maximum viscosity rating published for the pump, but the pump flow decreases as viscosity increases. You can pump fluids of 1500+ mPa•s viscosity, but it would likely be so slow as to be impractical, especially if it's for anything more than a bit of residue post-evaporation. See the table below for how viscosity affects pump speed on the Distimatic.

Flow rate vs viscosity for the Distimatic system


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