H150-2100-LT Water Chiller

Category LabTech Rotary Evaporator Accessories
Manufacturer LabTech

The LabTech’s state-of-the-art water chillers ensure accurate and constant cooling conditions of instruments even in the harsh laboratory conditions.

Temp. Range -20℃~35℃

Temp. Stability ±0.1℃

Temp. Control Mode PID

Cooling Capacity 2100W@25℃


Pump Flow 12.1L/min

L×W×H 29×18×26 inches

Weight 203 lbs

Power Supply 230V,50/60Hz

Warranty 12 Months


What are the size of the inlet / outlet ports on the H Series chillers?

They are ½ pipe thread size (.84”O.D.) ports.


The H Series chillers list a maximum pump flow; is the pump flow adjustable?

All H Series Recirculating Chillers have a relief valve that can be used to adjust the unit’s operating pressure and flow rate. There is a pressure gauge built into the front of the instrument to read the relief valve setting. By releasing pressure through the relief valve, a lower flow rate can be achieved.


Is it okay to run an H Series chiller at maximum load and under continuous operation?

The H Series chillers are designed for continuous operation, but it is not recommended that you do so under maximum load. Likewise, running at maximum load is acceptable for non-continuous usage. Like any equipment, the more stress the unit experiences the shorter the lifespan will be, however running an H Series chiller continuously at max load leads to a high failure rate.


Is the H150-2100-LT Chiller UL listed or CSA certified?

Not currently


Do the H Series Recirculating Chillers have a low-level shutoff?

Yes. If the water level gets too low in the reservoir, they will automatically shut off.


How are the H Series Recirculating Chillers cooled? What is the refrigerant used?

The H Series Chillers are compressor cooled. The H150 series uses R404A refrigerant.


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