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Hydrion EcoVap RE-7 Series Rotary Evaporators

Category Large-Scale Rotary Evaporator
Manufacturer Hydrion Scientific
Country of manufacture China
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The Hydrion Scientific EcoVap RE-7 series is a cost effective rotary evaporator perfectly designed for a variety of applications in diverse lab settings.

A vacuum valve above the receiving flask enables continuous operation. Its compact modular design keeps cost to minimum, without compromising performance. The hand lift feature on the heating bath allows for convenient relative positioning of the glassware. Digital displays for rotation speed and heating bath temperature, combined with the optional vacuum controller, allow for optimal control of all complex distilling processes. When completely equipped with vacuum pump, recirculating chiller & vacuum controller this model allows you to evaporate your solvents in the most efficient and gentle way.

  • Modular design for low cost, easy maintenance & reliable performance, ideal for limited budget.
  • Comes with a vacuum valve for continuous operation (draining during evaporation).
  • Solvent-resistant PTFE vacuum seal for long service. 
  • Available in 20L & 50L evaporating flask volumes.
  • Oil/water bath with temperature up to 180℃, may be used for standalone operation.
  • Large cooling surface of 21,000 cm^2.
  • Convenient large digital display and continuous adjustment for rotation speed & bath temperature.
  • Large digital display for both target & actual bath temperature.
  • Triple layer cooling coils for improved condenser performance.
  • High quality borosilicate glass 3.3 with excellent physical and chemical properties.
  • 1-year complimentary warranty included.
  • Guaranteed support from Hydrion's biochemical equipment experts within 12 hours.

All Hydrion Scientific products ship directly from China. Please allow two weeks for processing and delivery.

PLEASE NOTE: EcoVap RE-7 Series rotary evaporators do not come with a plug. You will need to either obtain and install an appropriate plug or install an electrical line directly.

Key Attributes 
Condenser type Vertical
Arm lifting Manual
Temp Range (°C) Ambient to 180 (720), Ambient to 99 (750)
Max. Flask Size 50L
Brand Hydrion Scientific
Rotation speed 0-110 rpm
Stroke: N/A
Temp Accuracy (°C) ±1
Vacuum controller incuded No
Programmable No
Warranty (years) 1
Weight (lb) N/A
Width (in) 20.1 or 24
Depth (in) 43.3 or 49.2
Height (in) 86.6 or 94.5
Manufacturer Specifications
Model RE-720 RE-750
Evaporating Flask Volume 20L 50L
Receiving Flask Volume 10L 20L
Bath Temperature Range(°C) RT ~ 180 RT ~ 99
Cooling Surface (m2) 1.1 (0.8+0.3) 1.5 (1.2+0.3)
Rotation Speed 0 ~ 110 rpm
Lift Hand Lift
Temperature Display (Set & Actual) LED
Heating Power 4 kW 4 kW
Vacuum Degree (MPa) -0.098 (20 mbar)
Evaporating Rate (L/hr) ›10 ›18
Power Supply 220V, 50 ~ 60Hz
Temperature Accuracy +/- 1°C
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) 1100 x 510 x 2200 mm 1250 x 610 x 2400 mm
Ambient Temperature 5 ~ 40°C
CE Compliant Yes

What glassware is included with the EcoVap RE-720 / RE-750? 

The EcoVap RE-720 is supplied with a 20 liter evaporation flask, 10 liter collection flask, a vapor tube, and a vertical coiled condenser. The EcoVap RE-750 is supplied with a 50 liter evaporation flask, a 20 liter collection flask, a vapor tube, and a vertical coiled condenser.


I'm concerned about purchasing a rotary evaporator from China. What happens if it breaks?

The EcoVap rotary evaporators have an extremely simple design. If any problem occurs, we will help you diagnose the problem remotely and Hydrion will ship you the necessary replacement part which can be easily installed.


What sizes are the glassware joints for the evaporating flask and collection flasks on the EcoVap RE-720 / RE-750?

For the RE-750, the joint for the evaporating flasks is a 125 mm flange joint and the joint for the collection flask is a 50 mm flange joint.

For the RE-720, the joint for the evaporating flasks is a 90 mm flange joint and the joint for the collection flask is a 50 mm flange joint.


What electrical connections are included on the EcoVap RE-7 Series rotary evaporators?

The motor unit uses a NEMA 6-15P plug and will draw approximately 2 amps. The bath comes with an electrical connection that does not have a plug. Hydrion does this because of the high power requirements of the large baths (up to 6 kW / 27 amps). You should affix a suitable high-amperage 220 V plug.


What size are the fittings on the condenser for the EcoVap RE-720 / RE-750

They are 15 mm fittings.


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