Replacement Parts for LabTech Rotory Evaporators

Category LabTech Rotary Evaporator Accessories
Manufacturer LabTech

Replacement parts for LabTech Rotory Evaporators

Image No. P/N Description
2 LT:50103-NC Hose Nipple
3 LT:50103-A Stop Cock
4 LT:50103-CS Ball Joint Clamp
5 LT:50103-SR3 Lock Handwheel
6 LT:50103-SR9 Lock Spring
7 LT:50103-SR1 Seal Ring Set
8 LT:50103-NS Lock and Push-off Nut Set
9 LT:50103-GA Vapor Tube
10 LT:50103-CL1 Clip 19mm
10 LT:50103-CL2 Clip 24mm
10 LT:50103-CL3 Clip 29mm

What are the dimensions of the hose nipple?

The hose nipple is ​36 mm long, 8 mm wide. Nozzle opening is about 6 mm wide.


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