Calpha RE-5B Series Rotary Evaporators

Category Large-Scale Rotary Evaporator
Manufacturer Calpha
Country of manufacture China

Calpha RE-5 series motor lift rotary evaporator. The rotary evaporation principle is one of the most common methods to separate liquids, as it is an efficient, fast and gentle. The rotating flask generates an effective heat transfer for fast evaporation which prevents local overheating of the mixture while maintaining a smooth mixing of the content. It’s an easy-to-operate rotary evaporator model with motor lift for all standard applications, and is reliable and easy to maintain. This is an ideal evaporation instrument for your laboratories.


  • 2-stage triple-coil condenser design with extra large cooling surface for outstanding cooling efficiency.
  • Excellent handling by large and easy readable LCD display of temperature of bath and rotation speed of rotary flask.
  • Upgraded automatization, automatically adjusting the height of the bath by motor lift.
  • Sealing parts are flange with PTFE, which can keep the whole system with high vacuum.
  • Professional modular design and can be customized by clients’ requirements.
Key Attributes
Condenser type Vertical
Arm lifting Motor
Temp Range (°C) Ambient to 99
Max. Flask Size 2L or 5L
Brand Calpha
Rotation speed 0 to 120 rpm (20 L) / 90 rpm (50 L)
Stroke: N/A
Temp Accuracy (°C) N/A
Vacuum controller included No
Programmable No
Warranty (years) 1 Year
Weight (lb) N/A
Width (in) N/A
Depth (in) N/A
Height (in) N/A


Manufacturer Specifications
Model RE-520B RE-550B
Rotary Flask 20L 50L
Receiving Flask 10L*2 20L*2
Condenser Two Main Condensers
Cooling Surface 1.2m2 1.5m2
Lift Mechanism Autolift
Support Frame SS304
Motor Power 250W
Controller VFD
Speed Range 0-120RPM 0-90RPM
Heating Power 3kW 6kW or 9kW
Temperature Range Room temp to 99°C
Evaporation Speed 5L/hour (Water) 9L/hour (Water)
Sealing Material PTFE
End Vacuum 1 mbar
Heating Bath SS304
Electricity 220V/60Hz 220V/60Hz or 380V
Current* 19 A* 38 A*
*It is recommended that the amperage of the circuit be at least 20% higher than the amperage of the rotary evaporator.

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