LabTech EV311H Rotary Evaporator

Category Rotary Evaporator
Manufacturer LabTech
Country of manufacture China
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The EV311H rotary evaporator allows the user to easily and manually lift the evaporating flask via a simple handle. The micro lifting switch ensures easy locking and elevating. Rotation speed and bath temperature of can be easily adjusted by controller and are shown on the digital display. 

Technical Features

  • Manually elevate by the micro lifting switch - one hand operation.
  • Maximum lift stroke is 150mm.
  • EV311H supports clockwise/anticlockwise rotation.
  • Separated heating bath is easy for maintenance and operation.
  • Heating bath supports both oil and water application.
  • Timer function of bath
  • Automatically shut down in case of the bath dried.
  • Dipping angle is adjustable.
  • Digital display of rotation speed and heating temperature.
  • Rotation speed 20-260 rpm.

Also available in a package with a H50-500 water chiller and a VP18R Plus vacuum pump

Key Attributes
Condenser type Vertical or Diagonal
Arm lifting Manual
Temp Range (°C) Ambient to 180
Max. Flask Size 2000 mL
Brand LabTech
Rotation speed 20-260rpm
Stroke: 150mm
Temp Accuracy (°C) ±1
Vacuum controller included No
Programmable No
Warranty (years) 1
Weight (lb) 51
Width (in) 15
Depth (in) 14
Height (in) 28


Manufacturer Specifications / Model Comparison
Model EV311 EV311Plus EV311ADV. EV311VAC EV311H
Sku No. LEV3110 LEV3110PLUS LEV3110A LEV3110V LEV3110H
Rotation Speed Range 20-260rpm 20-260rpm 20-280rpm 20-280rpm 20-260rpm
Rotation Speed Display LED LCD LCD LCD LCD
Titled Angel 0-60° 0-60° 0-60° 0-60° 0-60°
Motor Power 40W 40W 40W 40W 40W
Stroke Displacement 160mm 160mm 160mm 160mm 150mm
Lifting Motor Motor Motor Motor Manual
Temp. Range Ambient - 180° Ambient - 180° Ambient - 180° Ambient - 180° Ambient - 180°
Bath Material SSL SSL with PTFE Coating SSL with PTFE Coating SSL with PTFE Coating SSL
Temp. Controller Display LED LCD LCD LCD LCD
Temp. Controller Mode P.I.D. P.I.D. P.I.D. P.I.D. P.I.D.
Temp. Control Accuracy ±1°C(Water) ±1°C(Water) ±1°C(Water) ±1°C(Water) ±1°C(Water)
Temp. Control Accuracy ±2°C (Oil) ±2°C (Oil) ±2°C (Oil) ±2°C (Oil) ±2°C (Oil)
Heating Power 1300W 1300W 1300W 1300W 1300W
Bath Capacity 5L 5L 5L 5L 5L
Bath Diameter 250mm 250mm 250mm 250mm 250mm
Evaporation Volume 50-3000mL 50-3000mL 50-3000mL 50-3000mL 50-2000mL
Condenser Type Vertical or Diagonal Vertical or Diagonal Vertical or Diagonal Vertical or Diagonal Vertical or Diagonal
Cooling Surface cm2 1200 1200 1200 1200 1200
Protection class IP20 IP20 IP20 IP20 IP20
Ambient Temperature 0°C to 4°C 0°C to 4°C 0°C to 4°C 0°C to 4°C 0°C to 4°C
Dimensions (L×W×H) Inch 15×14×28 15×14×28 15×14×28 15×14×28 15×14×28
Weight (Lbs) 51 51 51 51 51
Voltage 110V,60Hz 110V,60Hz 110V,60Hz 110V,60Hz 110V,60Hz

Does the LabTech EV311H come with glassware?

In addition to the selected condenser, all LabTech rotary evaporators come with a 1 liter collection flask, a 1 liter evaporating flask, and a 29/32 joint size vapor tube.


What is the minimum pressure the system will support?

EV311 series rotary evaporators can support an ideal minimum pressure of 0.0002mbar. However, most vacuum pumps don't have that low of a pressure capability so the minimum vacuum will most likely be limited by the vacuum pump you use.


What size tube is needed to attach to the cold water coil and vacuum ports on the condensers?

The condensers come with GL-14 thread size hose barbs which can accommodate tubing of 1/4" inside diameter.


I'm concerned about purchasing a rotary evaporator from China. What happens if it breaks?

LabTech has offices, including a warehouse and repair facilities, in Hopkinton, Massachusetts. If you experience any issues with your equipment which require repair, it will be performed by their staff in the United States.


I'm using an aggressive solvent and want to ensure it will not degrade the sealing ring. What is the sealing ring made of?

The sealing ring on all EV311 rotary evaporators is made of PTFE + FKM.


Is the LabTech EV311H UL certified?

No, the EV311 series of rotary evaporators are not UL listed.


What is the amperage of the EV311H rotary evaporator?

The EV311H requires 15 Amps.


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