All Rotary Evaporators

A collection of all Rotary Evaporator instruments which we offer. Evaporate all the things!

  • On sale
    Advanced 2L model. Large LCD display for temp, rotation, and time removes for remote control
    based on 7 reviews
    $ 3,188 USD   from   $ 2,550 USD
  • No sale
    Motorized lift and All-in-one control panel displays both rotation speed & bath temperature
      from   $ 1,458 USD
  • On sale
    Programmable operation with color display, USB interface, and integrated vacuum control
    based on 2 reviews
    $ 10,104 USD   from   $ 9,094 USD
  • On sale
    Available in hand or motor lift, features 5" LCD color graphic display and automatic process timer
    $ 7,560 USD   from   $ 6,804 USD
  • On sale
    Easy to operate motor lift in 20L or 50L with single or dual condenser and flasks, up to 99°C
    $ 6,800 USD   from   $ 6,120 USD
  • On sale
    With motor lift to adjust the height of bath, and integral temp and speed controllers with LCD display
    based on 3 reviews
    $ 5,898 USD   from   $ 5,603 USD
  • No sale
    Programmable 1L-3L model with RS 232 interface for PC remote operation software
      from   $ 3,916 USD
  • No sale
    Color display, motorized lift, on-line sample adding, 20L, 10-120 rpm to 99°C
      $ 8,499 USD
  • On sale
    LED Digital display, timer, boil dry protection, manual lift, room temp. to 180°C, up to 2L, 20 to 200rpm
    $ 3,195 USD   from   $ 2,396 USD
  • No sale
    Digital display for optimum control of speed and heating bath temperature 3L up to 90 °C, 300 rpm
      from   $ 3,151 USD
  • On sale
    Color-graphic control panel, ramp programming, customizable procedures, 3L up to 300 rpm
    $ 9,177 USD   from   $ 8,718 USD
  • No sale
    Ramp programming, customizable procedures, automatic vacuum and cooling control. 3L up to 300 rpm
      from   $ 7,260 USD
  • No sale
    Unique External Shower for Optimum Heating, manual or motor lift 30-200L, up to 200°C. Complete, turnkey systems.
      from   $ 131,292 USD
  • No sale
    13-gal/50L evaporating flask capacity, vertical or cold-trap glassware, 10-110 rpm to 99°C
      from   $ 12,990 USD
  • No sale
    5.3-gal/20L evaporating flask capacity, vertical or cold-trap glassware, 10-130 rpm to 99°C
      from   $ 8,990 USD