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All Rotary Evaporators

A collection of all Rotary Evaporator instruments which we offer. Evaporate all the things!

  • No sale
    Looking for a bargain? This bare-bones rotary evaporator is as low-cost as it gets. 2L or 5L models available!
    based on 6 reviews
      from   $ 1,158 USD
  • No sale
    Motorized lift and All-in-one control panel displays both rotation speed & bath temperature
      from   $ 1,458 USD
  • On sale
    Capable of continuous operation featuring a digital display. 20L or 50L models available
    based on 1 review
    $ 6,298 USD   from   $ 5,668 USD
  • On sale
    With motor lift to adjust the height of bath, and integral temp and speed controllers with LCD display
    based on 3 reviews
    $ 5,898 USD   from   $ 5,603 USD