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HSSB Chillers

Category Hydrion Scientific Rotary Evaporator Accessories
Manufacturer Hydrion Scientific

HSSB-3030 is for RE-710 and RE-720, as well as RE-810 and RE-820.

HSSB-5020 is for RE-750 and RE-850

Model HSSB-3030 HSSB-5020
Volume (L) 30 50
Lowest Temp with zero load(°C) -32 -24
Chilling Power(W) For HSSB-3030: 5.8KW @ 10C, 4.5KW@0C, 3.1KW @ -10C, 2.3 KW @ -20C For HSSB-5020: 8.3KW @ 10C, 6.7KW@0C, 4.8KW @ -10C, 3.2 KW @ -20C
Flow Rate (L/min) 20 30
Lift (m) 4 to 6 10 to 12
Temperature Range -30°C -20°C
Temperature Precision (°C) ±0.2 ±0.2
Voltage (V) 220/380 220/380
Ambient Temperature (°C) 25 25
Ambient Humidity 60%-80% ventilation 60%-80% ventilation
Dimension (mm x mm x mm) 600x500x950 650x550x950

What is the amperage of the HSSB chillers?

The HSSB-3030 draws 11 amps. The HSSB-5020 draws 14.5 amps.


What size and type of coolant inlet / outlet connections do the HSSB chillers have?

They have 16 mm brass "pagoda head" hose barb connections, shown below (apologies for the blurry image).


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